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Woven Form

endless possibilities

Charlotte Wakefield creates one-of-a-kind handwoven textile art pieces for the home under the brand “Woven Form”. Her style of weaving is very free; she focuses on combining different textures and colours to recreate those which are found within architecture. Each piece Charlotte makes is different and when she sits down at the loom she doesn’t always know what she is going to weave. Charlotte really enjoys working this way, and finds exciting to see what comes out of each warp. It is a very organic way of working and this brings her the most enjoyment. 

​Charlotte fell in love with weaving at university,in Brighton. She immediately became intrigued with both the physical practice of weaving, and the endless possibilities for experimentation, through fibre, structure and colour. She loves the freedom of weaving, saying “It makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful, and I get a lot of enjoyment from it.”

Charlotte has a home studio in South-East London, where she hand weaves all of the pieces in  her collection. She works with a variety of different yarns, sourcing a lot of them from mills and factories to use up their deadstock:  yarns that would normally be a waste product from the textile industry.

A Manchester Barn Wedding

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