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Our Partners

Our Partners
Collaborative working is what Design-Nation is about, creating new links and new relationships across the creative community with exciting outcomes: showcases, exhibitions, events and products. Partnerships are really at the core of our business model and exemplify how we operate. We thrive on connecting with many businesses and networks, small and large, across the contemporary design and craft sector: event producers, manufacturers, retailers, press, maker networks, advisory agencies, as well as other arts organisations, to deliver our mission: future thinking for design and craft.

Our key partners change from time to time as new initiatives are created. Read about some of our earlier partnership work on the Eureka initiative here. Current and recent partners include:


Briffa is a specialist law firm of intellectual property solicitors who help all types of businesses to identify, protect, develop, monetise and enforce their IP rights.

They are refreshingly different from your average law firm — not stuffy or overly corporate. And they go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service with quick turnaround times. Design-Nation is delighted to work these experts in the provision of up to date and well-priced advice for the creative sector.

Coin Street Community Builders

Coin Street Community Builders is a social enterprise established by local residents whose aim is to make their environment a great place to live, work in and visit.

Since the 1980s they have transformed a largely derelict 13 acre site into a thriving mixed-use neighbourhood by creating new co-operative homes, parks, shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars; and by organising festivals and events. Income is generated from a variety of sources including the hire of retail and catering spaces, exhibition, event and conference spaces.This includes Gallery@Oxo and Bargehouse, the venues for Design-Nation’s 2017 and 2019 London Craft Week showcases.

Decorex International

Decorex International is synonymous with luxury, and is a must-visit for the interior design sector. Internationally renowned with a rich heritage stretching back over forty years Decorex’s long-standing reputation has proven the test of time; growing and evolving to remain exciting and innovative. Design-Nation is very grateful and proud to be supported by Decorex in the provision of an exhibition showcase each year. View our 2017, 2018 and 2020 showcases here.

London Craft Week

London Craft Week is an annual festival showcasing exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery.  Their curated programme brings together hundreds of events from all corners of the globe fusing making, design, fashion, art, luxury, food, culture and shopping. Design-Nation has been part of the LCW programme since 2017.

New Designers

New Designers was also founded by the late Peta Levi MBE and presents an unmissable opportunity for both retailers and the public to buy new products, to be inspired by fresh ideas, and discover new design talent to commission or recruit.

Catch a glimpse of our creative future at the New Designers exhibition every summer, a two-week celebration of visionary design that sees students from hundreds of creative courses unveiling never-before-seen work to thousands of industry professionals and design lovers.

Royal Stafford

Royal Stafford is based in one of the oldest pottery factories in Burslem, the mother town of the Potteries . The brand was established in 1845 and is recognised internationally as providing high quality, beautiful tableware. Today the company brings British design and British manufacturing to the international housewares and ceramics market with innovative designs for a new decade.

The Design Trust

The Design Trust was also founded by the late Peta Levi MBE. Set up in 1994, the Trust supports designer-makers who want to thrive in business by helping to start and grow their own professional contemporary crafts and design business. The Trust provides dynamic workshops and webinars, business advice, training and support.

The Worshipful Company of Pewterers

The Pewterers’ Company is an ancient and continually evolving foundation with ​​​medieval origins as a City Guild​​​​​​. The first charter was granted by King Edward IV in 1473. It is number sixteen in the order of civic precedence among over a hundred livery companies. The Company has an active, involved and diverse membership of individuals drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. The Company’s principal activities include support of the pewter trade in this country and the management of its charities. Design-Nation partnered with the Pewterers for the Pewter Live event 2021.

The Unloved

A pure design studio with a passion for type and image creation, The Unloved help clients achieve their maximum potential through developing ideas that help inspire and develop their own unique identity. The Unloved, together with web design agency Effect Digital, built our new Design-Nation online homes and take especial care in looking after our design and brand needs.

Wentworth Pewter

Founded in 1949 and named for its founder Arthur Richard Wentworth, a skilled pewter craftsman from Sheffield, Wentworth Pewter is committed to making products of the highest possible quality at prices which represent excellent value for money. They constantly introduce new designs to ensure that the skill of their craftsmen and beauty of the materials continue to be enjoyed.

Design-Nation designers have created exclusive product for Wentworth Pewter, and their team help us to deliver an exciting programme.

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