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Design-Nation Members Selected for Liberty’s New Collectables

The department store Liberty has long been associated with Arts and Crafts, so this year the brand is exhibiting a number of exciting works in store – all available to buy  – as a special partnership with London Craft Week. Design-Nation is delighted that after a rigorous selection process 10 of the 16 exhibitors are Design-Nation members. In addition to the exhibition, you can attend a fascinating workshop with one of the Design-Mation members and contributing artists Majeda Clarke.

The Design-Nation members in the showcase at Liberty are:

Majeda Clarke is an award-winning artist working with woven textiles. Inspired by her own cultural journey from Bangladesh, she highlights the geometry of weave, bringing a modern aesthetic to an ancient craft. Her work is often influenced by the sharp lines of Modernist Bauhaus design, interwoven with pops of vibrant colour.

Hugh Miller is a designer and maker of wooden furniture and homeware. Trained as an architect, he sees his work as small pieces of architecture, where the concept is embedded in the articulation of the details. His work is influenced by his time in Japan, exploring the ‘ceremonies of everyday life’ in British hardwoods, Japanese bamboo, and brass.

Founded in 2004 by Nick Rawcliffe, Raw Studio exists to create things differently, approaching design through a unique, holistic process. Each product has something hidden that, when discovered, offers an extra piece of satisfaction; be it the way a piece is engineered, a hidden functionality or the narrative behind the design.

Sasha Wardell has over 30 years’ experience in bone china and porcelain, studying in Stoke on Trent and Limoges. Adapting elements of this industry for the studio, her bespoke vases, bowls, lighting and tea ware use personally developed industrial processes. She concentrates on craft-based skills which enhance the qualities of bone china, embracing contemporary taste and lifestyle.

Elle Maxwell practices with Parian porcelain to create delicate, functional objects and lighting. Led by the ceramic making process, she draws inspiration from simple materials, clean lines and beautifully finished surfaces, underpinned by patterns and textures in nature. Her collections explore the space between commercial and craft boundaries, combining artwork, craftsmanship, and functionality.

Eva Radulova is the London based designer-maker behind contemporary tableware brand ERADU Ceramics. She enjoys working with both porcelain and bone china, finding inspiration in the challenge of blending classic techniques with innovative design. In her work, elegant lines melt tradition and trends in a stylish silhouette that meets the needs of modern life.

Laura Smith is a London based glass-artist from Bermuda. Working with hand-blown glass, she creates lighting, interior accessories and sculpture in her London studio, Laura Elizabeth Glass. She uses her skills to capture the incandescent qualities of glass combined with precious metals, copper, silver and gold, inspired by the elemental world.

Linda Southwell is a ceramic artist who creates stunning, imaginative floral sculptures that are inspired by natural forms. Her hands are her most important tool and she lovingly crafts every element of her work and applies each individual petal by hand. Her current work focuses on large-scale sculptural pieces, that are complicated and risky to create, installation art and a lighting range.

Georgie Scully Ceramics hand makes a tonal spectrum of tableware and home accessories using the slip casting method, from her south east London studio. Her tonal collection of tableware and home accessories offers a diversity of individual designs while maintaining a minimalist and uniformed aesthetic, inspired by the industrial greys of the inner-city.

Angie Parker is an award-winning weaver of exquisite, vibrant textiles and rugs derived from traditional Scandinavian rug weaving techniques. Her distinctive and intricate floor art and fabric creations incorporate a fabulously gaudy palette, with each piece meticulously hand-woven and finished on her Glimakra Floor loom in her Bristol studio.

London Craft Week 9-12 May

Majeda Clarke will provide a beginners guide to tapestry workshop on Thursday 9 May 6-7.30 pm





Left to Right: Sasha Wardell, Angie Parker, Elle Maxwell (Speckled Grey), ERADU (Eva Radulova), Georgie Scully, Hugh Miller, Linda Southwell, Laura Elizabeth Glass, Raw Studio and Majeda Clarke.

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