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Speckled Grey

My practice marries parian with blown glass to create lighting and objects. I am a slip caster and mould maker, led by the ceramic making process. My method consists of casting in layers, then sanding back to reveal inner patterning. A delicate, terrazzo surface is the result. I am inspired by simple materials, clean lines and beautifully finished surfaces. Textures of natural rock and pebble, softly faceted and tactile, have underpinned designs used in my ceramics. I am motivated by sensitive interior design and how craft lighting and objects can enhance and enrich a space both public and domestic. There appears to be a widening gap for contemporary craft in commercial spaces, which is where I aim to place my work. To create on a larger scale and knit together the commercial and craft boundaries. My collections strive to combine artwork, craftsmanship, and functionality for use in curated interior settings.

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