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Handmade for retail 7: Jenny Chan

The seventh maker in our series on handmade craft that makes perfect giftware and individualised stock for retailers is Jenny Chan.  Jenny Chan has just joined the Design-Nation network this year, and is an excellent example of the high quality makers supported by our long term partners at the British Craft Trade Fair.  BCTF’sannual showcases are always full of innovative, well made and distinctive British-based craft.

Jenny is a self-taught ceramic artist, originally from Hong Kong and now based in Sheffield.  Her concern is for the wellbeing of people, especially women, whose faces are a principal theme in her work. Jenny uses hand building techniques to create her figurative sculptures, each with their own story, and often incorporating the serenity and beauty of women,. Her aim is to balance elegant simplicity with decorative flourishes and craftsmanship, and to celebrate women and their bodies, embracing all skin colours and  positive body imagery. Jenny’s latest series of deep-box framed faces create a more minimal contemporary approach.

Jenny Chan’s contact details are here. The last in our series of makers for retail is textile designer Olive Pearson.

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