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Liz Cooper

I’ve been working with Design-Nation since late 2013.

Essential tools: I couldn’t survive without spreadsheets, paper and pencil.

Inspirational person: So many people inspire me, especially makers, but my real hero is rock poet Patti Smith.

Favourite material/technique: My background is in textiles and I am passionate about weaving. I also seek out contemporary jewellery in unusual materials and I love the mystery of handblown glass – like modern alchemy, unknowable to outsiders and completely magical.

My guilty pleasure is Strictly Come Dancing, the only reason I can think of for a TV licence.

The best thing about this job is that I get to work with fascinating creative people and show off their work to the world.

I’m proud to juggle a complex freelance career – exhibitions curator, writer, mentor, consultant, teacher – if sometimes a little stressed. But I like to keep busy.

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