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Kim Sutherland

symbolically charged surfaces

Kim Sutherland is a metalworker and printmaker, producing one-off and limited edition works in metal and on paper. She combines metalwork with formal research, creating three dimensional pieces inspired by sacred and ritual objects. Kim’s work explores the territory between print making and object making through an ongoing investigation of the communicative and reciprocal possibilities that exist between a two-dimensional image and a three-dimensional object, between surface and form.

Kim’s work is developed by hand, through a combination of collage and drawing, assemblage, sculpting and fabrication, of working and reworking. Etching, electroforming, lost-wax casting and fine fabrication are key processes. The etching process allows her to ‘draw’ directly into the metal sheet, layering image, mark and text in order to build a symbolically charged surface that is then formed and fabricated into an ‘inscribed’ object. Kim embraces the beauty of slight imperfections, saying, ‘The marks and traces that result from working with your hands, for me they embody the heart and soul of the work.’

Kim has extensive teaching experience and is currently undertaking a Ph.D at University of the Arts London. She is keen to collaborate with makers in glass and wood, especially scientific glass blowers and cabinet makers.






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