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Jo Cope

being human & social activism

Jo Cope is a female conceptual designer and artist. Since 2006 she has worked on a diverse range of commissions and exhibitions internationally, pushing the formal boundaries of fashion, questioning its evolving role within art and society.

Rejecting fashion’s role as only commercial commodity Jo plays with the semiotics of dress. She has adapted traditional shoe-making techniques to create handcrafted metaphorical and symbolic artworks, which use the shoe as a vessel to explore notions of being human. Drawing from aspects of philosophy, psychology and historical research, as well as social trends and life experiences, Jo’s pieces exist both with and without the body, and can be presented as individual artefacts, larger installations, live performances, and in her work with the homeless charity Shelter as tools for social activism.

Jo Cope is a proud dyslexic: embracing her neurodiversity is a key attribute to her practice, communicating through a powerful visual language. Jo is a Brand Ambassador for Design-Nation and is based on the outskirts of Leicester.

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