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Inner Finn Ceramics

Inspired by the clean lines and the pure forms of Scandinavian Design, I make uniquely decorated slip cast objects that invite touch, love and use. Interested in the boundary between sculpture and function, I offer complimentary ranges of functional vessels and hollow-form sculptural pieces. I work mainly with porcelain, fired in oxidation to 1260o C. The vessels are glazed whilst the sculptural pieces are unglazed, but hand polished to a satin smooth finish. The work is tied together through the use of monochrome colour palettes and expressive mark making. I apply skills acquired as designer, engineer, and ceramicist to make clean, organic slip cast forms. I complete the whole process by hand, from design, cutting templates, turning plaster masters, to mould making, production of slip and slip casting. I enjoy using traditional skills to make contemporary craft items that intrigue and stimulate discussion about the making process.

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