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Daphne Krinos

Jeweller Daphne Krinos established her studio practice after graduating from Middlesex University in 1980.  Metal is her language and she loves using oxidized or coated silver and recycled gold. Colour is important in her practice and she often uses translucent stones in her work. Daphne is inspired by cities, architecture and art.  She enjoys photographing buildings, construction and demolition sites.  The photographs of Bernd and Hilla Becher as well as sculptures by Donald Judd and numerous modernist painters are also an inspiration.

Having grown up in Greece, Daphne attributes her love of making to her grandfather who was a poet, always surrounded by creative and inspiring people.  Spending time with him made her learn to appreciate materials, colours and shapes.  She was able to put all those early influences into practice after completing her design training.

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