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Caroline Brodgen – Contemporary Jewellery

Caroline is an established jeweller based in Yorkshire with a passion for coastal life. Her work has drawn her back time and time again to her love of surfing and exploring the British coastline. Her current focus is a collection of collaborative work with Jay Burnett a Scottish Surfboard shaper. Caroline is using the waste resin ‘Surfite’ produced during the manufacture of the surfboards and combining this with accents of Silver to produce beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewellery.

Allowing Surfite to take the centre stage in her latest work; Caroline hopes to engage and create dialogue around the ideas of sustainability, recycling and waste. Innovation and redesigning of classic pieces using waste material has got to be part of a sustainable future for all. It is this message that remains fundamental in this jewellery collection. Caroline aims to create exclusive wearable pieces of art by using this exciting alternative to mined gemstones as a way of adding colour to precious metal jewellery. Each piece is designed to engage and explore not only the resin itself but its ability to be complemented by flashes of silver

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