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captivating sculptural form

Scabetti is a British design studio run by Dominic and Frances Bromley. Known initially for their range of interior ceramics, Scabetti has built an international reputation – specialising in the creation of bespoke sculpture, lighting and installation works. Their international portfolio includes commissions for corporate headquarters, hotels, restaurants, a Worshipful Company and cruise ships.

A mainstay of the Scabetti studio is their sculptural light collection Shoal, created over a decade ago and still enjoying great success. Fine bone china fish, each carrying delicate sculpted detail, envelop a light source creating a captivating sculptural form. Each fish is lit not only by reflected light from its neighbours, but also from within, with the light passing through the delicate translucent china body. Every Shoal is skilfully prepared by hand in the Scabetti studio in North Staffordshire, England.

Each fish form is a fine bone china replica of the original design by Dominic Bromley, sculpted in clay in 2007 by John Bromley, Dominic’s late father and world renowned master sculptor. All the fish are made in the Staffordshire Potteries using time honoured hand-casting methods. Slip, or liquid clay, is poured into plaster moulds that carry the detail of this original clay fish.

Dominic and Frances Bromley are Design-Nation Fellows.

Photograph of lights designed by Scabetti. Photographed Wednesday 18th October 2006. Fill flash where used = Nikon SB800 Speedlight.

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