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Beverley Sommerville Ceramics

capturing place and narrative

Beverley Sommerville has an MA in Ceramics from Manchester Metropolitan University, received  in 2017, after which she established her ceramic studio at home in Cheshire. A studio potter and ceramic artist, Beverley focuses on wheel thrown ceramics inspired by places and storytelling, making two different collections: ‘matter’ & ‘no matter’.

The ‘matter’ collection engages with ideas of material, place and nomadism, gathering materials from the travels and places that inspire Beverley. Capturing a narrative and story, she combines these collected materials with clay, creating unique pieces of still life, installation or one-off forms.

The ‘no matter’ collection is inspired by the Cheshire landscape, a collection about form, detail and developing a coherent visual language in ceramic. Domestic in nature, Beverley’s forms are functional  – cups, bowls, candlesticks and jugs. The surface is engaging and tactile, with areas that are glazed or inscribed, made to be held and used.

Beverley says: “Capturing an understanding of place or the narrative of an event, I gather and archive physical materials such as soot, dust or brick fragments.  Adding the materials into porcelain creates unique clay bodies to throw on the wheel, making one-off forms or collections as a creative interpretation, I am permanently embedding the moment or place within the object itself. People and places have stories, histories and heritage to record; understanding of place through times of change and redevelopment; I am capturing those lived experiences through material, artistic response and the human endeavour of making with our hands.”

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