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Anna Rennie – Artisan Silversmith

rugged techniques, fine silversmithing

Anna Rennie is a Cornish maker with a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing & Jewellery from Truro in 2014, and is a Fellow of Bishopsland Educationakl Trust. Anna realised her love for silversmithing and maille making during her studies and focuses on these techniques.

Anna’s inspiration is drawn from intuitions based on traditional silversmithing techniques:  raising and planishing. Her incognition is informed by thorough understamding of how metal reacts: the simpple togetherness of the skilled maker and her hammer, her skills interweaving to create equally tactile and functional silver tableware, from drinking vessels to bowls. The rugged landscape of Anna’s homeland commands her textures and imagery, brought to life through chasing and repousse.

As an active member of the Heritage Crafts Association, and celebrating the critically endangered craft of maille making, Anna is the first professional female maille maker. She is beginning a new collection which will incorporate both her knowledge of heritage crafts and her honed skills. By working towards this latest collection, Anna is aiming maille at a contemporary audience.


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