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Deborah Timperley

nuanced surface textures

Deborah Timperley has been creating glass artworks for 25 years, specialising in glass casting. She has exhibited in Belgium, Germany, Lithuania and Switzerland, as well as in the UK in prestigious exhibitions such as the British Glass Biennale.

Deborah’s series ‘A dialogue at the threshold’ is intended to draw the viewer into an inner space by the allure of 23.5ct gold, building an implicit awareness of what lies beneath the surface. Her forms are based on a box with nuanced surface textures. Some pieces are architectural in intent; others are visually soft, seemingly encased by fabric. The interplay between the interior and the exterior is designed to articulate a dialogue at the threshold.

Deborah says, “The impetus behind my research for ‘Dialogue at the threshold’ was a desire to change direction – to push harder technically and to explore sculptural and conceptual pieces. My ongoing inspiration is Islamic architecture, I am intrigued by the often austere exterior hiding highly decorative interiors – introverted forms. And by ancient symbolic artefacts such as reliquaries and stone tablets where the contents are not visible. Using opaque glass plays with this idea as glass usually reveals.

In other cast glass pieces by Deborah, rocky outcrops explore the beauty of stone bridges, harbour walls and dry stone walling. Deborah also creates glass bowls with highly textured surfaces. Constructed textiles play an important part in these compositions.

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