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Caroline Couzens

an artisan response to clay

Using well-considered and aesthetically pleasing ceramic wares in the home is the prompt for all the ideas Caroline develops. A bowl that is a delight to look at, a joy to use and beautifully crafted is her pursuit. Working in her north London studio she explores both solid and liquid clay types, transferring and incorporating ideas from industrial processes to artisan techniques and vice versa in the pursuit of producing wares that fit seamlessly into contemporary life-style. An artisan response to the natural properties of the clay types influence shape, texture and colour.

Current ranges include bone china, a traditional ceramic for tableware, but much ignored and hand-thrown stonewares that develop Maiolica, an old European earthenware tradition, to much higher temperatures than historically used, thus making it far more robust.

Caroline holds the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement in high regard and is eager to move away from consumerist notions. She says “I want to contribute to a movement that focuses on considered, quality items that truly enhance daily living: the humble bowl, a vase for flowers cut from a garden or park; where quality triumphs over quantity. Classicism over fashion.”

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