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Dawn Bache

energy, life, rural tradiitions

At the heart of Dawn Bache‚Äôs hand weaving practice is a belief in the beauty and sustainability of hand spun British wool. She draws inspiration from both the UK’s unique sheep heritage and the East Yorkshire coast, creating cushions and art works.

By hand spinning, hand weaving and plant dyeing rare breed sheep and alpaca fleece she combines traditional skills with contemporary design to create bespoke textiles, which have an energy and life that she considers is not possible to achieve with mechanised processes. Dawn believes that the hidden stories of our human connection with sheep reconnect us to rural traditions, the land and the origins of wool. For this reason Dawn also uses images from vintage photographs that she hand stitches onto fragments of cloth.

Through returning to the origins of wool, the sheep in the field and stories of their heritage, Dawn’s intention is always to make cloth that has a future, as well as a past.

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