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Retail for Museums: Clare Pentlow

Next up in our continuing series on makers who create objects perfect for museum and gallery retailers is paper artist Clare Pentlow, the ninth designer to feature in our virtual partnership with the Association for Cultural Enterprises.  We invite you to explore Clare’s “stand”, enjoy the beauty of her detailed and exquisitely coloured papercuts, and consider just which pieces would be perfect to find in an art gallery shop.

Paper is a source of exploration for Clare: she embraces its versatile qualities of strength and fragility, and relishes the intricate process of turning an ordinary flat sheet of paper into something extraordinary; challenging our perceptions of paper and the possibilities it may hold. Through precision hand-cutting and folding Clare creates highly detailed, mesmerising pieces of art; these evolve over time, through her methodical repetitive motions which build layer upon layer of paper. Clare’s methodical approach is rooted in her love of maths and science and she is continually inspired by patterns she finds in nature. In particularly her focus has turned to patterns found under a microscope, like diatoms and cells, creating the sense of something growing.

Each piece is full of individualised detail, drawing the eye and intensely collectible as a work of art.

Clare’s contact details are here. Click here for no 10 in our series: embroiderer and designer Susannah Weiland.

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