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Hatch ’19 Case Study 1: Anna Gravelle

Hatch ’19 at our sister gallery NCCD is a summer art school for all; a chance to learn about different creative experiences and skills across a wide range of art forms, to experiment with materials, be ready to embrace the unexpected and hatch new ideas. As well as artist residencies, Hatch ’19 (which continues til 22 September) gives visitors the opportunity to find out about what it takes to become a designer or maker and to chart the fascinating career pathways of some of Britain’s talented artists and designers. Design-Nation is delighted to present the Hatch Case Studies, drawn from our own members’ experiences. Each case study profiels a maker who is part of the Hatch ’19 display.
First up is textile designer Anna Gravelle, who uses a special tufting machine to create her beautiful textured fabrics for interiors. Anna has made wall hangings, upholstered ottomans, screens and even acoustic panels. This short film gives an insight into how she achieves her textural effects.
Images courtesy Anna Gravelle and Barbara Chandler.

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