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Kirsty Adams Ceramics

spontaneity, originality

Kirsty Adams has created a unique collection of award-winning studio ceramics with a delicate style of throwing gained through her training on the potter’s wheel in Japan. Her work is both functional and holds aesthetic meaning, retaining the spontaneity and implied fragility intrinsic to making on the potters’ wheel. She is influenced by the simplicity of Japanese ceramic forms and the intuitive glazing approach of traditional ceramic master Fujita Oribe.

Each of Kirsty’s pieces contains elements of spontaneity and individuality: textured lines are combined with the incidental marks of the glazing technique. She uses a Japanese comb tool to enhance the throwing lines. Each vessel and container has its origin in functionality, whilst adhering to a consistent aesthetic value. The bronze lustre rim pieces are fired three times, with a gloss or creamy dolomite glaze and careful use of oxides.

Kirsty’s Icelandic collection celebrates the otherworldliness of the unique landscape of Iceland through layered and dipped copper green and cobalt blue glazes, whilst celebrating the purity of the Korean moon jar form through a combination of porcelain and black stoneware clays.

Kirsty ensures that all of her pieces are stamped with her personalised mark impressed in the porcelain. She says. “This gives each piece an individual feel whilst being recognizable as Kirsty Adams Ceramics. My personal mark is included in the Potters’ Book of Marks, for collectors of ceramics.”

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