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Rosa Wiland Holmes

relationships of people with each other & with themselves

The focus in Rosa Wiland Holmes’ work is about the interplay between one living thing beside another. These ceramic sculptures are a story of the relationships between people, with each other, and with themselves. Rosa sees her work as the medium to delve into the captivating realm of diversity within society. Her focus is on the intricate interplay between objects that symbolise race, class, and idealism.

Rosa’s ceramic work is a mixture of hand built and thrown pieces, that are then altered. The emphasis is in the contrast of the texture, and her choices of porcelain and black stoneware as well as the various tones achieved when combining them together. The placement of the individual ceramic components gives them a new dimension, capturing the relationship between the objects. Rosa’s aim is to reflect the journey of life onto the vessels; the history we all have to tell, and what makes us interesting as humans.

Rosa says, “Life and our journey don’t always show at first glance, but it is within us, and might only be visible if you look closer.”

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