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Ömer Öner Ceramics

repurposing, regnerating, assembling

Ömer is a Turkish artist with a BA and MA in Medieval History. Having worked as a lecturer and researcher in Turkey, he then studied at Central Saint Martins, London, gaining a BA in Ceramic Design. His creative journey has been shaped by his educational background and a fascination with the creative power of found objects.

Ömer’s practice revolves around the idea of repurposing found objects, by regenerating and assembling them into highly crafted ceramic forms. Ömer employs the techniques of mould-making and slip-casting to replicate and multiply the original objects. These practices enable him to replicate the diverse array of discarded materials. Door handles, bed knobs, scrap wood, plastic, glass, and fragments of metal furniture are not mere cast-offs to Ömer ; they are wellsprings of opportunity and inspiration. The resulting artworks bear the distinct characteristics of their origins, yet their function is transformed, giving them new life and meaning.

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