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Nicki Jarvis

Nicki Jarvis creates wall pieces combining textiles and ceramics. Inspired by the quilt as an art object, these works reference traditional techniques but aim to tell new stories, using screen printing, hand stitching, and handmade ceramic buttons.

Batch production is an integral part of this process, in the form of mark-making, screen printed repeats and multiple button-making. The rhythms of this creativity are disrupted by cutting and reassembling materials to explore ideas about the domestic and wider social sphere.

Each piece is unique but part of a quiet journey of exploration into the quilt-as-metaphor. Unused and decaying buildings, graffiti and abandoned histories find their way into works which staunchly celebrate the principle of ‘making do’ with scarce resources.

Part of a wider output which includes visible mending in the community, Nicki’s work aims
to contribute to the Craftivism movement and promote sustainable practices as an everyday

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