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Nerissa Cargill Thompson

naturally inspired textures

Nerissa Cargill Thompson explores juxtapositions of structure and colour: the contrast of nature and stone; particularly coastal textures as she depicts the lichens and limpets that envelop eroded rocks. Nerissa blends recycled fabrics using an embellishing machine, to build up subtle variations in tone and texture; augmented with embroidery to produce her signature textiles. 

Nerissa creates textile wall art and mixed media sculptures. Recent work highlights climate crisis and plastic pollution through casting her textiles with concrete in the packaging that we use and discard on a daily basis; objects that are so lightweight and seem so insignificant. The concrete gives a weight and presence more in line with the legacy of discarded packing; naturally inspired textures emphasise the way our waste becomes subsumed into the environment.

As sustainability is a key concern, to minimise her waste, Nerissa has developed a range of miniatures and wearable art using her offcuts also cast, in plastic waste.  

Nerissa moved from Graduate to Full membership of Design-Nation in December 2022.

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