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Maxine Greer

Maxine’s work explores the narrative we have with natural world. Our relationship has been one of agriculture, urbanisation, economics and tradition. She uses her work to evoke story-telling and memories. Symbolism is fundamental to her work.

Following the seasons through drawing provides an opportunity to reflect on change and on the passage of time. Her sculpted mini worlds are a playful moment of joy held in miniature.

The ‘Mini-worlds’ are made using kibiso, silk, paper, wire, linen, wax, horsehair and pearls. They are based in Temari, a Japanese embroidery technique, resulting not in a formal pattern but a surface rendered with thread. They hint at museum collections and micro-nature pinning down the subject ready for study.

Using sculpture, installations, stop-motion animation and drawing she invites us to pause, think and re-examine our relationship with the natural world.

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