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Lizzie Kimbley

repetition and rhythm

Lizzie Kimbley is a textile designer and artist working with woven textiles. Walking and a connection to place form the narrative behind her work, which is also heavily concerned with circular design philosophies to reduce waste.

Lizzie enjoys the parallels between walking and hand-weaving; how the slowness and movement of walking are echoed in the repetition and rhythms of weaving. Walking in the beautiful Norfolk landscape, Lizzie gathers plants for natural dye and makes drawings in response to the landscape. These combine with experimental play with found materials to inform her woven work.

Conscious of the volume of waste sent to landfill each year and the need to value our natural resources, Lizzie explores responsible textiles and circular design. She works with natural materials, often those that are locally found or re-purposed from other design processes. From the outset of each project, she considers the life cycle of materials to create work that can be reclaimed or will biodegrade after use.  Lizzie says, “I aim to celebrate the beauty of the natural landscape with the hope that this will inspire others to attach value to the materials we use every day.”


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