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Liz Ramsay

snapshots in time

Gathering ideas together over weeks, months and years, textile designer and weaver Liz Ramsay re-interprets her artwork, photos and memories into textile art and contemporary heirlooms, such as shawls. She draws on the places that are important to her, and the life stories she’s bound up with.

Liz’s recent work focused on family separation during times of crisis, combined with memories of landscapes she loves. This body of work is slowly evolving into a new collection, Fragments, where emerging shards of the past, ancient artefacts, seductive colours and forms appear together as snapshots in time.

Liz fell in love with weaving by accident. She found that the visceral nature of laying thread on thread took her by surprise. You might suppose that the constraints of the loom, the mathematics involved, and the technical aspects of the craft, would quash the freedom to express creativity, but within these structures and tensions, she says, comes a quiet, silky slipperiness to enjoy and explore.


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