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Kim Colebrook Ceramics

exposing the layers

After a career in the heritage and tourism sector, Kim Colebrook is a late comer to her artistic practice, having first picked up a paint brush in her 50s. During her time at Hereford College of Arts Kim discovered how ceramics could allow her to explore the geology, people and history of South Wales in new ways, to bring stories to life and engage with new audiences. 

Kim’s work is influenced by Japanese ceramic techniques: she starts with blocks of clay inlaid with coloured clays and oxides, that relate to the coal measures, in a loose style of Nerikomi. She then uses various techniques to expose the layers, by rolling, moulding, burning and carving into (Kurinuki). Often the layers are hidden within her forms but become visible with light.

Kim’s approach explores the geology of her area, South Wales, its fissures and faults, and the way that history and memories are buried and distorted. 

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