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Kate Bajic Contemporary Art Jewellery

exquisite and diverse forms

Kate Bajic is a British jeweller with over 18 years’ experience working with galleries and at exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. Her distinctive pieces have been exhibited at Collect 2021 in London (virtual), SIERAAD 2018/19 in Amsterdam and LOOT 2017 in New York.

Traditional jewellery hand-working is a major part of Kate Bajic’s creative practice. This gentle and involved approach allows slight imperfections, created by the human hand during the making process, to bring a richness to her work: something Kate celebrates, and hopes brings a vibrancy and value to her jewellery.

Kate’s inspiration comes from studying the varied colour, textures and forms found in lichen. There are over 1,800 different lichen in the UK alone, so they offer an extensive source of inspiration. Through photography and sample collection, Kate examines their minute complexity and translates aspects of this into her work. She handcrafts pieces mainly in sterling silver, with highlights of 18ct gold. Selected one-of-a-kind gemstones form the start point for some of Kate’s design, where she focusses on aspects of the stone and translates those through into the piece, tying the naturally occurring and the handmade together

When a piece of Kate’s jewellery is worn, she hopes it will impart some of the beauty, fragility and preciousness of the natural world and encourage the wearer to feel a connection with the exquisite and diverse forms that inspired it.

Kate Bajic is one of Design-Nation’s Fellows.


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