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Jed Green Jewellery

Jed Green’s creative practice has developed over the years through working in various mediums. From collage and printmaking to large sculptural forms, she found her voice when she began to translate her ideas into jewellery. Borosilicate glass tubes, commonly used in science and industry, are lamp worked to form various shapes. Jed links moving pieces or clusters of these by drilling and pinning. Colour is applied by painting the interior of the glass wall and applying handmade transfers to pattern the outside. Other materials include silver, gold, wood, stainless steel, paper and freshwater pearls, to add detail, pattern and form.

Jed’s work is infused with a private language referencing her immediate surroundings, important milestones, memories and the closeness and importance of family. These influences are reflected through the number and shape of elements used, so each piece holds its own visual story. Recent pieces relates to her state of mind and direction during a time of disruption and uncertainty, and has included multi-use objects to display as sculptures, where elements may be removed and worn. A box without its lid and base becomes a bangle; a necklace with a choice of three removable brooches offers multiple ways to wear one piece.

Jed is also one third of LOT, a collaborative project with embroiderer Beatrice Mayfield and jeweller Sarah Pulvertaft, to push themselves creatively, working beyond their normal ways and methods.

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