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Jan Scott Ceramics

Abstract Wall Art and Architectural Sculptural Objects.

I am presently designing a range of ceramic pieces for domestic and commercial interiors.

Inspired by urban and rural landscapes, my abstract wall art and architectural sculptures may look oldie worldly, archaic, as if ravaged by time and hopefully evoke memories of a place and its history therein. Asymmetrical patterns and textural surfaces are interwoven, revealing many intricacies within the layers of the piece.

Comparable to the ceramic wall art are my clay mono prints; print making onto a larger substrate using ceramic pigments which are left unfired.

In contrast, I am drawn to the simplistic feel of the Scandi – Japandi art scene. It has natural elements to it which give a sense of warmth, also the space overall is one of harmony.

Clean lines and simple geometric shapes bring small pieces together in repetition to form a rhythmic dance, these may be displayed as an installation across a wall or built up as a sculptural object.

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