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Georgina Brett Chinnery

the cycle of light, dark, freedom and restriction

Georgina Brett Chinnery creates sculptural forms in leather which exploit traditional techniques of surface leather decoration. Her artistry is in the seemingly effortless combining of material, process and meaning through a labour intensive making process, which she presents as a parallel to our continuous striving for clarity and serenity in life.

Georgina studied 3D Design at St. Albans School of Art and subsequently went on to learn the craft of upholstery. She made interior pieces which sold at Liberty’s and private and commercial clients worldwide. The idea of trying out leather on one of her popular designs then led her on a new path: Georgina showed her first collection of interior pieces ‘Flora and Fauna’ in the Project Space at Collect 2011.

In 2014/15 Georgina received the Cockpits Arts/Leathersellers’ Award for two consecutive years, and created ‘Bird Brain’, a series of 10 bird sculptures. From this body of work ‘Self Reliance 2’ (a life size white gold heron with outstretched wings) sold at the Royal Academy’s 2019 Summer Show.

Georgina continues to explore the cycle of life, death, rebirth, light, dark, freedom and restriction with bespoke leather work. Her latest works include a new series of life size birds called ‘Lo Senti’. Her work has been shown across Europe as well as featuring in numerous publications. Individual pieces are in various private collections internationally, and Georgina is happy to work to commission for private clients and interior designers.

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