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Francesca Marcenaro

inspired by fairy tales and nature

Francesca Marcenaro is a dedicated jewellery designer and maker who is committed to the field of experimentation. Enthusiastic about the ancient art of Italy, inspired by fairy tales and nature, she has researched surfaces and balance between different materials, looking for organic and tactile results.

Francesca works with silver, gold and titanium, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, and ebony. Since 2004 her work as been distinguished by her signature techniques “Glass Granulation”, which is inspired by ancient techniques of granulation and enamelling. Francesca uses tiny glass granules that give a unique and “soft” sparkle to the surface of her pieces.

Francesa translates emotions she experiences from the visual world into her jewellery. Colour and reflections are very important to her, and she finds inspiration in fabrics, painting and sculptures. She says, “I’m fascinated by all natural surfaces, from stones to vegetables. The shape that fascinates me the most is the sphere: I use pearls very often, cabochon is my favourite stone cut and my Glass Granulation is made with little spheres, like dew.

Orgiinally from Italy, Francesca is based at her atelier in central London.

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