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Fiona J Sperryn

a tool for drawing

Fiona Sperryn is a designer-maker who transforms her original drawings into unique tapestry-style artwork, which is skillfully hand-woven on a digital jacquard loom. She enjoys a hands-on approach throughout the creative process, from textural mark-making outdoors to hand finishing the woven cloth in her studio in Cornwall.

Fiona’s inspiration is drawn from the environment, local or global, and from a love of weave structure, textile processes and innovation. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and sustainability lie at the heart of her practice. She explores her jacquard loom as a tool for drawing and the interpretation of drawing, and is pushing for recognition of weave as a fine art medium, essentially from a maker’s perspective.

Fiona says, “For me, it is key that the creativity is process-led, with value accorded to the craftsmanship, responsible sourcing and handling of sustainable materials and knowledge of the hand-weave process. I also identify with the concept of digital artisan, pushing innovation and contemporary process, for example translating hand-drawings through digital media to create files to be hand-woven on my state-of-the-art jacquard loom. “

By also offering a commission weave service, Fiona is able to help others realise their own creative visions, including a number of collaborations with other artists and designers.

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