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Erum Aamir Ceramics

deep and spellbound

Erum Aamir is a ceramic artist based in Manchester. She creates intricate porcelain sculptures in beautifully hued glazes which are inspired by microscopic studies of plants.

Being first a physicist and now a ceramicist, Erum has always wanted to merge the division between art and science. She is fascinated by nature, which is full of wonders and never ceases to amuse and amaze its observers. “The deeper you go, the more spellbound you get,” Erum says in delight.

The way nature constructs something atom by atom or cell by cell has always intrigued Erum and she conducts a lot of her explorations through the eye of a microscope. Her non-stop imagination entwines with scientific observation, leading Erum to create the peculiar things that one would find in an enchanted land, an imaginary world.

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