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Christine Meyer-Eaglestone

dynamic geometric composition

Christine has a fine art background and became interested in marquetry some years ago. She creates unique pieces such as wall-based artworks (sometimes site-specific for reception areas) and functional items (mirrors, screens, cabinets, chests, boxes). Christine occasionally works in partnership with interior designers both on a domestic and corporate level and has also collaborated with other cabinetmakers on a small number of pieces.

The process of hand-cutting all veneers allows Christine to let each design evolve while intuitively responding to a multitude of colours and grains, thus extending the creative process. Combining conventional, ‘reconstructed’ and dyed wood veneers results in colour combinations ranging from bold and dramatic to subtle and sophisticated. Colour is expressed through dynamic geometric composition as structure is central to the designs, which range from minimal to complex. Precision and craftsmanship are critical to her practice and are never compromised by the apparent spontaneity of the designs.

Christine occasionally works to commission and exhibits her work regularly.

Christine Meyer-Eaglestone is one of Design-Nation’s Fellows.

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