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Cathy Sutherland Jewellery

Cathy Sutherland creates jewellery that is elegant and unique, using the techniques of chasing and repoussé to create tactile forms and decorative designs in precious metals. Inspired by elements of the natural world, she is keen to capture the swirls of crashing waves, gentle cascading sand dunes, and the intricate details of flora and fauna.

Cathy creates wonderful textures in silver and gold by repetitively hammering the surface of the metal using steel punches and a specialist chasing hammer. Close examination reveals the hundreds of hammer marks that remain on the surface, celebrating the time and passion that Cathy has invested in every piece.

In her most recent “Whirlpool” collection, networks of flowing patterns cover the surface of the silver, which is often highlighted with gold details and precious coloured gemstones. Cathy has a passion for the techniques she uses and every piece is created by hand using traditional skills at her workshop in the heart of Sheffield.

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