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By Cecil

creating a connection

By Cecil was launched by designer Celicia Child to create modern textiles using traditional handweaving techniques.

After a decade of working as a product manager for high street brands, Cecilia returned to handweaving as an antidote to the factory system that fuels our current consumption. In the fabric she produces, she is looking to slow down the practice of making and creating one-off pieces that create a connection with the end customer. Our throwaway culture has left people with a disconnect from the objects they own, and Cecilia is looking for a way to recreate a sense of pride and ownership. The William Morris phrase, “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful,” is a constant reminder to buy and make things with a history.

The By Cecil label is based in London, and looks to create future heirlooms that people love, cherish, and pass down to the next generation.

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