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Belinda Coyne

Belinda Coyne is a Brighton-based designer whose enamelling and metalwork takes the form of folding pocket maps, rulers, measuring sticks and large wall panels, all reflecting her layers of experience and memories of specific British landscapes. Her methodology involves walking, drawing, mark making and memory, and she researches and aims to communicate about environmental concerns.

Belinda’s work explores notions of space and place using a visual framework of grids, maps and notation that quantify space, layered within a poetic, visceral response. Rather than try to represent the landscape, her work fosters a sense of place through materials and mark making. Using mild steel and industrial wet process enamel to facilitate extensive reworking, Belinda incises, rubs and brushes back creating gestural marks evoking routes, paths and stopping points. Opaque and transparent sieved enamels are often then applied, building yet more layers.

Very few enamellers work at scale in an expressive manner and Belinda has forged a relationship with an industrial signage manufacturer to explore this idea.

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