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Beate Gegenwart Studio

identity, people and the spaces between

Beate Gegenwart’s primary material is metal: she works mostly with vitreous enamels (glass) on steel, which is further developed by her drawing, mark making and abrading.

Firing the pieces several times, Beate then grinds and abrades the surfaces to
a matt finish; creating new relationships with the enamel, and a crossing point between control and chance. Her work is playful; connecting the body, movement, architectural space and wearable art. Some of her recent work also investigates fine etching and photo-etching. Beate’s surfaces are delicately textured and brushed before she uses a variety of surface techniques, such as patination, brush plating and varioous pigments.

Beate is interested in identity, belonging, people and the spaces between them. Her materials – vitreous enamel on steel, etched copper and brass, as well as works on paper – bring to life meditations on borders and boundaries, crossings, rhythms and water.

Beate works from her studio on the Gower Peninsula near Swansea, South Wales, creating pieces for collectors, exhibitions and residencies.

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