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Anne Gibbs

one-off, colourful and curious

Anne Gibbs makes small-scale abstract sculptures in bone china and porcelain, occasionally displayed with mixed media components. She is based in Cardiff.

Anne collects natural materials from an ancient woodland and man-made objects from a wide range of sources, which are then transformed, altered and restaged. She combines casting and hand building techniques to create one-off, colourful and curious pieces which are displayed individually or as tableaux.

Anne received a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales which enabled her to travel to Japan to experience Japanese culture and to receive lessons in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The experience has encouraged her to examine the use of colour, selection and composition in her practice. Her ceramic curations resonate with themes of still life, the body and landscape.

She says, “My practice is heavily influenced by Dutch still-life painting, Ikebana and collage techniques. I cast found objects, hand build and pour liquid clay with precision to create playful compositions in colours of pastel shades. Each piece is one-off yet in relation to each other. I work intuitively and embrace the outcomes that unfold through the making process. Recently, I have been developing a collection of works larger in scale with a limited colour palette, I aim to investigate this further.”

Anne Gibbs

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