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Anna Thomson

sharp geometries and soft curves

British ceramicist Anna Thomson creates lighting and vessels for interiors. Balancing design, craft and materials to create award-winning pieces that explore the intrinsic qualities of vitreous clay bodies together with the possibilities of new technologies and industrial techniques within a craft context.

Lighting installations showcase the gentle translucencies of porcelain, parian and bone china, the forms accentuated by harnessing the natural differences in material thickness through process. Installations celebrate variations in form and the characteristics of the different clays, from the warm translucent hues of porcelain to the cleaner white of bone china.

Vessels are approached experimentally, pushing the possibilities of slip-casting to an extreme through complex and innovative mould-making with skilful casting techniques using hand-dyed clays in a signature monochrome palette. Anna’s vessel collections explore crisp geometries on multi-profiled vessels with an architectural feel, emerging patterns on simple cylindrical vessels and soft felt-like surface qualities of a unique erosion technique on round-based balance vessels.

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