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Angie Packer Glass

contemporary edges, soft curves

Angie Packer is a metal and glass designer/maker whose practice is instinctive and playful. As a craftsperson Angie use very traditional techniques, yet produces work which is conceptual, with a unique contemporary edge to it.

Hot glass has a fluidity which gives Angie creative freedom, enabling her to explore and experiment. This is in stark contrast to the metals that she uses to introduce form and shape into her work, which require a more formal approach. These diverse working methods excite and challenge Angie to produce innovative work. The resulting pieces have a contemporary edge to them; the soft curves of the glass contrasting with the cold hard-worked edges of the metals, which refract the colour from the base. Angie’s work has been described as “new”, “clean” “simple” and “fresh” and she is pleased that it constantly delights viewers when exhibited at shows and galleries.

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