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Alma Boyes

Alma Boyes has an established background in ceramic practice spanning over 40 years. Alma’s current work explores the historic technique of agateware which was prominent in UK in 17th & 18th century industrial ceramics, notably those from Wedgwood. These ceramic pieces are made from coloured or mixed clays and mimic the multi-coloured appearance of agate stone.

Alma is drawn to this technique because of the unique combinations of colours and patterns which are created using the throwing process on the pottery wheel. Her collections include tableware and large lidded vessels, some of which are adorned with hand-modelled birds – predominately British species including blackbirds, crows and sparrows. This new work brings together her experiences of designing and producing industrial ceramics, with many years specialising in portraits and sculptures of endangered species for bronze casting.

Alma has worked with Royal Doulton, Crafts Council and Morris Singer Foundry, and taught ceramics for over three decades at University of Brighton. She has a Masters of ceramic design gained in 1984 from North Staffordshire Polytechnic in pottery’s heartland at Stoke-on-Trent.


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