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Alice Joan Woven

movement and science

Alice Noble is a woven textile designer, using hand looms to create woven fabrics inspired by space imagery. This unusual starting point came from Alice’s Masters degree, when she researched sci-art and explored how woven pieces could communicate the scientific information behind space imagery.

Alice’s selected space images now inform the colour and structure of her unique fabrics, as she uses recognised weaving techniques such as “spacing and cramming” to create movement and looseness within the fabric. Her final outcomes have a contemporary feel, yet embrace traditional weave patterns. Alice choses a black warp against het vibrant weft colours, which produces a juxtaposition that portrays the contrast between the darkness of space and the vibrant colours of the space images that inspire her.

Alice’s aim is to create functional and accessible products that instill deep connections, similar to the way we experience art. She hopes her clients will feel admiration for her craftsmanship, nd connection to the inspiration for Alice’s work,  as well as the joy of owning these pieces.

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