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We Present Multi-Talented at London Craft Week 2021

Design-Nation returns to London Craft Week this October, presenting a digital-only exhibition, through original film, an online showcase and talks programme, all free and accessible here.

Our “Multi-Talented” exhibition selects new work created over the past 18 months that celebrates the stories of our makers and their outstanding work – craft that is produced with heart as well as hands. What makes great craft? And what drives makers to keep creating?

The exhibitors are drawn from multiple disciplines, showcasing the diversity and depth of talent in the Design-Nation portfolio. From Aberdeenshire to Cornwall, and Northern Ireland to East Anglia, by way of North Wales and West Sussex, Design-Nation brings together an impressive array of heartfelt craft, designed and made with talent, precision and passion.

Ceramics: Debbie Barber | Diane Griffin | Jacqui Ramrayka | Linda Bloomfield | Sarah Burton

Glass: Helen Slater | Kira Phoenix K’inan | Samantha Sweet | Verity Pulford

Jewellery + Metal: Amy Leigh | Alison Shelton Brown | Carin Lindberg | Jacky Oliver | Kate Bajic

Mixed Media: Blott Works (Dan Morrison) | Hannah White | Rachel Fitzpatrick

Textiles: Arra Textiles (Lucy MacDonald) | Duo-Hue (Amelia Ayerst) | Emily Jo Gibbs | Fiona Sperryn | Jacky Puzey | Selina Rose | Valerie Wartelle

Wood: Ash & Plumb

The full showcase launched on 4 October and is available throughout London Craft Week 2021 and afterwards.  Our programme of “live” events has now concluded but you can still freely access recordings here.  The events are:

On My Workbench 1 with Diane Griffin, Emily Jo Gibbs, Fiona J Sperryn, Samantha Sweet, Sarah Burton and Valerie Wartelle.

On My Workbench 2 with Alison Shelton Brown, Amelia Ayerst of Duo-Hue, Amy Leigh, Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb,  Helen Slater and Kate Bajic.

On My Workbench 3 with Debbie Barber, Jacky Puzey, Kira Phoenix K’inan, Linda Bloomfield, Lucy MacDonald of Arra Textiles and Rachel Fitzpatrick.

Talk: What Makes Good Modern Craft? Hayley Banks of Design-Nation joined by Amy Leigh, Diane Griffin, Emily Jo Gibbs, Fiona J Sperryn, Jacky Puzey and Linda Bloomfield.

Notes to Editors - for press enquiries and images:

Please contact David Gorrod or Trina Wickenden at Seen PR [email protected] | @seen_pr | Tel +44 (0)1273 722 469


Details of works by Hannah White, Jacky Puzey, Fiona Sperryn, Ash + Plumb, Rachel Fitzpatrick and Jacqui Ramrayka.

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