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London Craft Week 2017 : Marks and Tools

From the 4th – 7th May Design-Nation unveils its latest exhibition as part of London Craft Week 2017.

Design-Nation will present a major showcase exhibition of work by over twenty of its network members at the gallery@oxo as part of London Craft Week.

The exhibition is themed around the marks and tools of the maker and how these translate into different disciplines. Design-Nation’s makers produce a wide range of distinctive high quality contemporary objects, both useful and decorative, large and small, simple and ornate; all are distinguished by commitment to craft and deep understanding of excellent design.

The exhibition has been made possible by our recent Research and Development funding from Arts Council England. This is allowing Design-Nation to undertake significant sector research and to create new opportunities for its designer-maker members, and to launch at least two new showcases.

Highlights of the show include Hannah Tounsend’s distinctive handbuilt ceramic vessels and monoprints, which won her the New Designers 2016 One Year On award and are evocative of seaside landforms; established textile designer Margo Selby’s return to handwoven artworks, one-off pieces which evoke Bauhaus forms and demonstrate her characteristic colour combinations; and Michael Ruh’s hand-blown glass tableware and lighting in a range of subtle and bright colours, the gentle forms infused with delicate lines.

Design writer Barbara Chandler works with leading creative agency Design-Nation to present an exhibition of work by over twenty of their members. There is also an in conversation with Margo Selby, Michael Ruh and Hannah Tounsend. The exhibition is themed around marks and tools of the maker.

Exhibitors participating in the showcase are Amy Cushing, Angus Ross, Anna Gravelle, Christine Meyer-Eaglestone, Ekta Kaul, Fung & Bedford, Gillies Jones, Hannah Tounsend, Heidi Harrington, J C Middlebrook, Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor, Linda Bloomfield, Margo Selby, Melanie Porter, Michael Ruh, Michelle House, Nigel Cheney, Rosemaryrose, Samantha Sweet, Snowden Flood, Simon Yates, Sue Pryke, Taz Pollard and The Unloved. Read more about them here.


1. (L to R): Work by Ekta Kaul; Hannah Tounsend; Gillies Jones; Linda Bloomfield; Nigel Cheney.*

2. Vessel by Hannah Tounsend. Courtesy the artist.

3. Textile by Melanie Porter. Courtesy the artist.

4. Stool by Angus Ross, textiles by Melanie Porter and Anna Gravelle.*

* Photography and styling: Yeshen Venema & Mugdha Sapte.


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