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Angus Ross wins best sustainable product at Decorex 2020

Our long time partners Decorex are champions of the very best in interior design and product, so we enjoy the challenge of selecting great new designers and objects for the show each year. This year our virtual stand design includes the very elegant and thoughtful new Prism collection from Angus Ross Ltd, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that his Prism Chair in ash with rushed seat has won Best Sustainable Product.

Angus’s commitment to sustainability includes co-owning and managing woodlands in Perthshire near his workshop, allowing him to select timbers very specifically for his projects. He and his team are expert in many wood-working techniques and especially steam-bending. This highly skilled and not always predictable process is how Angus has incorporated so many graceful curves into his furniture. The Prism collection (comprising chair, stool, side table and shelves) is a great example of this, as the triangular forms are brought into being by splitting lengths of wood and then steaming one side, to allow delicate arched supports for each piece. Prism is available in both ash and oak, and in bespoke sizes: see Angus’s blog for more information.

The Decorex 2020 judging team are designers Alison Henry, Bhavin Taylor and Sara Cosgrove. Decorex event director Sam Fisher said, These days the high-end design industry is switching to healthier methods of procurement by using more materials that are less damaging to the environment. Conscious interior design consumption can help conserve energy, reduce waste and pollution and help create more positive interior environments that are better for the planet and the economy. Decorex is delighted to recognise Angus Ross’ commitment to sustainability as well as his beautiful designs.

Angus and his partner Lorna, who is his business manager, said. “We are delighted with the award and the recognition it gives to our practice. The Prism collection is natural, sustainable, recyclable, repairable, biodegradable and part of a circular economy promoting the understanding, sensitive management and use of local native wood.”

For a further insight into Angus Ross’s practice, see his recent interview with Design-Nation, made to mark his selection for the Design-Nation “20 Makers, 20 Objects” project which celebrates signature style.

Notes on Images

Prism Chair in ash with rushed seat in workshop; Portrait of Angus Ross; Prism Chair in ash with rushed seat, (photo by James Millar); Prism Chair in oak with upholstered leather seat, shown with Prism shelving unit in oak, ceramics by Caroline Couzens, throw by BAKKA and wall hanging by Pamela Print*; Detail of Prism shelving with works by BAKKA and Caroline Couzens as before, plus silver cup by Alex O’Connor*; Prism stool with rushed seat (photo by James Millar); Detail of Prism table in oak*; Room set showing Prism table, shelving and chair, with works by Caroline Couzens, Alex O’Connor and BAKKA as before*; Prism chair in oak with upholstered leather seat and throw by BAKKA*

* These photos by Yeshen Venema, styled by Jessica Jung. All other uncredited photos courtesy Angus Ross.

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