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Retail for Museums: Josie Walter

Number eleven in our series on makers who create objects perfect for museum and gallery retailers is ceramicist Josie Walter. Josie’s functional and individually decorated wares will enliven any kitchen or  table, perfect examples of the product we are profiling in this  virtual partnership with the Association for Cultural Enterprises. Enjoy your browse through Josie’s virtual “stand”, appreciate her distinctive slipware, while deciding which pieces would be perfect to find in your favourite museum’s retail offering.

Josie creates domestic earthenware: it is thrown on a momentum wheel then decorated with thick or thin white slip that is poured, or banded onto the pots using a coarse pastry brush. Images such as vegetables and leaves, pears, lemons, fish, birds and hens are drawn on the pots in black slip by Josie who also uses raw and coloured glazes. Slab pots such as spoon rests, butter slabs and trays are also part of her production. All the pots are functional, reflecting Josie’s fascination with the development of cooking pots throughout history. 

Josie previously lectured at the University of Derby, and in 2002 her research for an MA in History of Ceramics resulted in the publication of a book, Pots in the Kitchen. She says, “My range of useful pottery reflects my current interests in gardening, cooking from fresh ingredients and rural life. The moderate price range of the lunch plates, bowls, mugs and jugs, pie dishes, butter slabs and spoon rests make these very individual and highly affordable gifts.” Josie is open to working with museum outlets to make exclusive ranges.

Contact details for Josie are here. Click here for no 12, the last of our series: textile artist Rachel Morley.

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