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Handmade for retail 2: Ann Povey

Second in our series on handmade craft ideal for giftware, we’re looking at the colourful and eclectic work of Ann Povey. Ann would have been showing with us at the latest British Craft Trade Fair, a great annual showcase of high quality British-based craft that is perfect for gift and boutique style retailers who value individuality and the handmade. BCTF are our longstanding partners and we appreciate their support for British-based designer-makers.

Ann Povey has been a maker for twenty four years, enhancing and developing her skills throughout that time. She has an intriguing practice which embraces an unusual combination of materials: Ann works with metals including copper and sterling silver, adores found objects, and also hand builds stoneware vessels, using the coiling method.  Ann says, “My work is based on my own childhood memories, and these have influenced both the way I think and feel, and the way in which I work. The found objects I use with metal and clay are often small and insignificant, used and forgotten, and are a very physical aspect of work that is based on a nostalgic concept.”

Like us, Ann knows that British made art and craft contributes massively to the UK economy and is a sector that ois growing each year. She says, “Art and craft influences opinions and inspires a fundamental sense of worth. It continues to be vitally important that galleries, shops and museums continue to support and invest in British art and craft of a high standard and quality. ”

Ann’s contact details are here.

The next profile in this series is with jeweller Atlantic Design Studio.


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